Passage from India (PfI) started in January 2011 and is inspired by the extraordinary success of the women-led self-help group (SHG) model in India built , where SHGs are currently enabling some 40 million women in poverty – and their families – to improve their quality of life.

Through PfI, we want to enable groups of women from Scotland’s very poorest neighbourhoods to come together locally on the principles of mutual help, solidarity and collective resilience; become enterprising collectively and develop sustainable microbusinesses so that they can lift themselves, their families and – long-term – the communities in which they live out of repeating cycles of poverty.

PfI is for women, who while being poor, do not suffer from a poverty of aspiration or poverty of talent and skills; it’s for women who are determined and aspire for change and a better life and no longer wait for someone else to do it for them: they do it themselves.


Women’s Self-Reliant Groups: Seeing is Believing

How women’s Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) are changing things in our local communities?
12th May, Glasgow Caledonian University


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